A Herbal Tea for Every Occasion

A nice cuppa tea! It’s a classic British tradition dating back to the 1600’s. Back then a luxury drink for the wealthy and now a lifeline for many to get through the day! On average we drink around 3 1/2 cups of tea a day! Whether you call it a cuppa, brew, builders or Julie Andrews, tea is a staple in most of our diets. However do you know of all the amazing health benefits from drinking herbal teas?!┬áNot only are herbal teas a relaxing drink but they are also low in calories so great if you are watching what you eat. Swap in some of these herbal teas and you’ll soon see the benefits.

I recently went on a shopping spree for herbal teas to see what is on the market and the tea featured in this post are my favourite. Firstly I got the Herbal Collection from Pukka. It has 5 different teas and 3 bags per flavour so a great way to trial them.

Elberberry & Echinacea

This tea is good for boosting your immune system thanks to the echinacea and elderflower. Echinacea is a powerful herb used commonly to fight a cold. So if you are feeling under the weather have this tea to soothe and re-build your immune system.

Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey

Lemon balm is a great ingredient for calming your nerves and for de-stressing. If you have a big day ahead drink this tea to feel balanced again. Plus this tea is great after a large meal as the ginger helps to digest.

Night Time

As the title of this tea would suggest it is great for just before bed. Obviously there is no caffeine in sight so it won’t keep you up all night. But the chamomile and lavender will soothe and relax you.

Three Mint

Mint is a great ingredient to de-stress again but also to boost your metabolism, making this a great morning drink. It is fresh and fragrant and made purely from peppermint leaf, spearmint leaf and fieldmint leaf.


It isn’t rocket science to understand what this tea will do. After a heavy weekend have this tea to drink away the party nights…and the hangover! Filled with aniseed, fennel, cardamom and licorice this tea definitely clears your airways ridding your body of nasty toxins.

I couldn’t write a post about herbal teas without including any green tea, or ‘wonder herb’ for many. For this I have chosen the Twinings Mango & Lychee Green Tea. I do find green tea to be rather bitter so finding some with added fruit flavourings makes it slightly sweeter for me to enjoy.

Green Tea

Having green tea in the morning is best as it wakes you up and will improve your mental performance ready for the day ahead. Other benefits of green tea include; lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, improving teeth and promoting a healthy heart. Why wouldn’t you have this drink?!

The power of tea is strong and with so many different varieties available you will always find one to suit your needs. From office meetings to catching up with friends, relaxing in front of the TV or waking you up in the morning. Tea will always hold a dear place in my heart!

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