Luxury Product of August – Panasonic Camera

Have you noticed a change in the quality of my photos recently? If you have there is a good reason as I recently purchased a new camera. Since starting my blog, although my iPhone 6 camera has been OK, I knew I would need to invest in better equipment. (Although I obviously had to use my iPhone to take the photos for this post. The photo quality will improve again after this post!!)

Photography is so important when blogging and adds value to your post. With the rise of social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest I feel that the photos are almost as important as the words you are writing. After some research I took the plunge and decided to purchase the Panasonic Lumix G DMC-GF7K compact system camera and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m not going to go into the technical specifications of this camera too much but it has 16 megapixels, a 3″ screen, built in flash and touch screen panel.


As a blogger I heard so much hype about the Olympus Pen. So much so that I was originally set on buying this very model. However it was quite a lot of money, around the £500 mark. I was browsing on (the online retailer) and the Panasonic camera was recommended as an alternative to the Olympus Pen. At a slightly cheaper price too (around £300) which immediately drew my eye. The Panasonic DMC-GF7K is a compact system camera. I had researched into what cameras would be good for me to invest in and soon realised that a compact system camera would be a good way to go. This type of camera bridges the gap between an iPhone and an expensive ‘swishy’ piece of kit. It is easy to use, simple in design but takes good quality images. Making it perfect for a new blogger.


I am by no means an experienced photographer! There are still loads of settings on the camera that I haven’t learnt about yet. But I am really impressed with how it has improved my photography already. I pretty much just point and shoot. The photos come out clear, crisp and defined. My favourite type of photo is where the focus is on the item in the foreground and the background goes slightly fuzzy and out of focus. I can achieve this effect with this camera.

One of the main points that swayed me to this camera, apart from the price, was the way it looked. It is a really smart camera with a black ‘leather look’ exterior with silver detailing. It is lightweight and the screen on the back flips up to allow for the perfect selfie. However the best part is that the screen flips to above the lens rather than below the lens on the Olympus Pen. Having the screen above the lens will make vlogging much easier. (When I get around to starting my YouTube channel that is!!). Watch this space…


The lens is detachable so you can purchase other lenses to achieve different looks. It also has a WiFi setting so you can upload your images straight to social media sites.

Overall I am really pleased with this camera. It is everything I was looking for to improve my photography. Plus I’m very excited to see what shots I can capture when I’m in the Caribbean in a few weeks time!! If you are looking for a new camera to invest in I couldn’t recommend this model enough. I purchased it through Very but it isn’t on the website anymore. However you can buy it through Curry’s here.

I am learning more about photography every week and am really enjoying it. If you have any good books, blogs or websites for photography tips and knowledge please leave me a comment below. The next camera I will be looking for as my blogging progresses will be a DSLR – a ‘swishy’ camera, but all in good time 🙂

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