Luxury Product of July – Burberry Lip Velvet

They always say better late than ever don’t they? Well that can probably be said for this post about my ‘Luxury Product of July’ (a stunning lip colour), and also my blogging in general. I’m trying to get back into a routine with my blogging but at the moment life has just been getting in the way. This whole blog thing really isn’t a walk in the park and takes MUCH longer than I ever thought it would. But I really do LOVE it so I have promised myself I will make more time for it. So stay tuned!…Please 🙂

Burberry Packaging

Anyway let’s get back into business. My Luxury Product for July is a stunning lipstick from Burberry from the ‘Lip Velvet’ range. If you saw my last post > Afternoon Tea at Burberry, you will know that I recently visited the Burberry store on Regent Street in London. I couldn’t resist leaving without making a purchase so headed straight to the beauty department. I am really loving matte lipsticks at the moment as I love how vibrant they can be and how long they stay on the lips. My friend Alix who works for Burberry Head Office recommended the Lip Velvet range so I started there, and didn’t need to look much further. Whilst perusing the different colours one really caught my eye. No. 409 in Honeysuckle which is a deep burnt orange red. I thought this colour would suit my pale skin tone but also my newly reddened hair.

Burberry Lip Velvet Honeysuckle

The packaging as you would expect is gorgeous. An embossed plastic casing with magnetic closure, smooth twisting action and embossed lipstick with the iconic Burberry pattern. The formula of the lipstick is really smooth and creamy. It glides onto the lips really easily which I found quite surprising for a matte colour. But the lipstick then sets down onto the lips drying in place. However I have found that it takes a little while for the colour to set so you do get a bit of transfer. But once it does set there is no budging it! And I really mean this! You can eat and drink with this lipstick on and it doesn’t move. Plus another bonus for a matte lipstick is how it isn’t drying. I think because it is so creamy the lipstick is hydrating which makes it really comfortable to wear.

Wavelines Burberry Lipstick Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle Lipstick Wavelines

I wear this lipstick with a soft gold shimmer eye with a slight smoky dark brown in the outer corners to add some depth and defined black lashes. As this lip colour is so bold you really don’t need a lot of eye make up. But the shimmer that a gold eye shadow can provide is a lovely complimenting beauty look.

Burberry Lip Velvet

You can pick this lipstick up in Honeysuckle from the Burberry website for £26.

Stay tuned for another post on Wednesday where I’ll be reviewing my first ever piece of blogging mail!!!!

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