Micellar Water – What Actually Is It??

Micellar Water is a product that has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years especially among bloggers, celebrities and make up artists. Named the miracle product and the guilt free alternative to cleansing wipes. It can be a facial wash, make up remover and moisturiser in one. Despite all of this hype I still wasn’t quite sure what it actually is. So I headed to Google to find out more and how it can benefit my skincare routine.

Micellar Water Wavelines

Micellar Water looks and acts exactly the same as standard H2O. However when you move it over your fingers it does feel a little different. This is because the water is full of micelles. Micelles are tiny oil molecules that are suspended in the soft water. It is these micelles that trap the impurities in your skin (oil, dirt, make up) and dissolve them away without any rinsing. A lot of facial washes strip the skin of the natural oils exposing sensitive skin and leaving chemicals behind. Micellar water doesn’t do this. It also doesn’t have alcohol in the ingredients meaning it is perfect for sensitive skin and doesn’t leave your skin tight or tingling.

It was originally developed in France for the glamorous ladies living in Paris as the water there was too harsh to put on the skin. Micellar water was created with no need to rinse off therefore not exposing the skin to harsh hard water. Although this product has been around for 100 years in some form or another it was in the 1990’s that it was developed into the water that we know today.

Micellar water is the perfect travel companion. Whether on long haul flights, music festivals or camping trips. Wherever there is limited access to water this product comes into it’s own. Or on those late nights when the thought of doing your whole skincare routine is just too much at 2am!! How many of your just go straight to bed and wake up with panda eyes?! Well micellar water can take your make up off in seconds leaving you fresh faced in the morning…even if your head is fuzzy!

One thing to note is although micellar water is a quick and gentle every day way of removing make up it needs help against stubborn foundation or waterproof mascara. Use a make up remover first and wipe over with micellar water after to clear the residue. Micellar water shouldn’t replace your skincare routine entirely. So don’t throw out your other products just yet!! But instead it should be slotted in to compliment your routine.

For best results use micellar water with cotton pads or balls. The cotton is hydrophilic (aka LOVES water) so the micelle molecule heads in the water ‘stick’ to the cotton pad. This leaves the molecule tails sticking up on end trapping any impurities acting like a magnet to draw out the dirt. Making this an easy and effective way to remove make up whilst being hydrating and gentle on the skin.

3 Best Qualities of Micellar Water:

  • Quick and gentle make up remover for sensitive skin
  • Perfect travel companion as no need for rinsing when water is scarce
  • Super affordable!

Micellar Water Beauty Wavelines

My Experience With Micellar Water

I’ve been using a micellar water in my routine for around 6 months and my brand of choice is Garnier. I’m really impressed with the results! My skin is quite dry but I haven’t had any dry patches on my face at all. My skin always looks hydrated and is much softer than before.

I use this product twice a day. During my nightime skincare routine I use a seperate make up remover and face wash first. I then use the micellar water to cool down the skin and replace any oils it has lost through washing. (I’ll go into my current skincare routine in full in an upcoming post so keep your eyes peeled for that). In the morning I will use the water on it’s own just to wipe away the night before starting afresh for make up. The Garnier micellar water for sensitive skin doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and doesn’t have a scent which is a bonus for me with skincare.

Pick up a bottle of the Garnier Micellar Water here.

Micellar Water Garnier

I hope this post has been helpful and has given you an insight into the world of micellar waters to see if it is a product that you would like to start using. If you have any micellar waters you would recommend please leave a comment below so we can all have a look and try new ones.

See you next time, x

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