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Hello and welcome to Wavelines! I’m Lucy, a beauty gift packaging project manager by day (longest job title EVER!!) and blogger by night. I’m a beauty addict, shoe lover, aspiring baker, film buff and everything else in between. After spending a large proportion of my spare time reading other blogs and watching Youtubers (and LOVING IT!) I decided to create my own spot on the internet to share my thoughts and experiences. From reviews, tips, advice and opinions I hope to encourage and inspire others to get creative and enjoy life.

Why name my blog Wavelines? I’m 26 and have lived on the south coast of West Sussex my whole life. The sea has always been a part of my life growing up as during my childhood my Dad built power boats and yachts, and even when I came to choosing what university to attend I went to Portsmouth as I loved it’s nautical influence. But back to the name, I love the wavy lines that the sea creates in the sand and it always reminded me of all my thoughts running through my head, hence the birth of Wavelines. It is ironic though as although I love being near the sea and my star sign is a Pisces (if you believe in horoscopes) I actually have a phobia of fish! So I definitely just appreciate the sea from afar.


Full Name – Lucy Joy Cunningham

Favourite Shops – New Look, Oasis, ASOS and Boots

Favourite Quote – ‘It is better to be late in this life, than early in the next’ – my Mum told me this quote when I passed my driving test and it has always stuck with me.

Appreciate The Little Things – getting into bed with fresh sheets, drawing back the curtains to sunshine, sharing a bottle of wine on a Friday night and watching the stars on a summers evening.

At The Weekend Where Are You Most Likely To Find Me – either watching my boyfriend Johnny playing rugby, eating food with friends, shopping or spending quality time with family.

Last Meal On Earth Would Be… – Christmas Dinner – roast turkey with all the trimmings!!

I hope you enjoy my posts and I look forward to starting this journey with you.


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