Which Tool for Foundation Application?

The quick answer to this question is really anything you like! You cannot beat the tools you were born with! Your hands if you are confused with where I was heading with that! The warmth of your fingers can smooth foundation exactly where you need it and they’re free. However if you are looking to achieve a really flawless look there are lots of tools on the market to achieve different finishes. What I love about cosmetic brushes is that you can use them for whatever you like…despite what they say on the barrel! Below are a few of my favourite picks depending on what look I am going for.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

This brush is my absolute favourite! The brush head is really dense to help build the foundation for a fuller coverage. Use in circular motions to buff the product into the skin. The end result is a natural finish where the foundation blends into the skin rather than sit on top of it.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

This brush is really similar to the Expert Face Brush however it isn’t as dense so has a more fluffy feel. A lighter coverage is achieved with this brush for the most natural look of all the tools featured. Buff the product over the face but pay attention around the nose to make sure you get the product into those hard to reach areas.

Blank Canvas F20 Brush

The flat top on this brush is great if you like to put foundation directly onto the brush before applying on your face. The hairs are so smooth and it is really easy to push the product over the face. Sweep across the face in soft strokes or buff in circular motions for an even coverage and natural look.

Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush

The most common brush for foundation…funny that considering the name! The flat brush head smooths the foundation over the face. Rather than buffing into the skin like the tools above, the product sits on top of the skin to give a flawless make up look. This particular foundation brush head is quite small so I like to use this brush in the areas I need most coverage, in particular around my nose. Then use a bigger brush to buff product over the rest of my face. This is also a great brush to put primer on evenly to sit underneath foundation.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Makeup sponges seem to be really popular at the moment but personally I don’t really get on with them. When I have tried using this sponge I wet it under the tap first so it doesn’t absorb all the foundation. The sponge grows almost double in size and gets really squishy which I do enjoy. Little things like this really amuse and satisfy me! Once damp I ‘dab’ the foundation onto the skin. It gives a really full coverage which you can also build upon. But I think this is why I don’t like it as much as it is a much heavier finish. I prefer my make up to enhance my own skin, rather than replace it.

As you can see I love the Real Techniques brushes and their eye brush set is next on my shopping list. However leave me a comment below with your favourite foundation application tool as I’d love to try more.

Sunday is all about face masks, why you should use them and my favourites.

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